FERTIA web- pages are no more handling Vitrolife's product ordering after 27.1.2017

All our customers must use direct ordering by Vitrolife web- pages : order@vitrolife.com or by using their Order form which you can find from their pages: http://www.vitrolife.com.

However, FERTIA is doing still co-work with VITROLIFE and you can reach us in any questions or wishes or suggestions as it has been before. We answer you by phone, Ilkka Reima +358 41 5152022 or by e- mail , ilkkart@gmail.com or tuula.luukkonen@fertia.fi.


has been an active operator developing services within the fertility treatments and life science products in Finland and also in Baltic countries from the early 2000’s. We represent IVF products (cell culture mediums, labware and instruments) and laboratory equipment of an innovative worldwide company, namely Vitrolife. In addition, we are in charge of sales and marketing of BABE, the with fully-integrated software database for clinical (medical), biological, laboratory and statistical analysis type of features. This is done in collaboration via our daughter unit, Fertility Network Oy, and our partner Cleodora.